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The West's Awake - Out Now
'The West's Awake' Out Now

Track list:
1.  The West’s Awake
2.  John O Dreams
3.  Remember Me-Recuerdame
4.  Come By The Hills- Buachaill On Eirne
5.  Walk The Road Together
6.  Shine On Me
7.  I Rest In You
8.  Angel
9.  Sonny
10. Donegal Rain
11. The Open Door-Featuring Rackhouse Pilfer
12. The Rose Of Allendale
13. The Parting Glass
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The Platinum Collection
An Introduction...


Tommy Fleming has many times been described as the “Voice of Ireland” and is one of Ireland’s top entertainers.


Tommy, who was born in Aclare Co. Sligo, Ireland in 1971 and was the youngest of six children, started singing while still at school. While fronting his own local band, a chance encounter with Phil Coulter at a charity function near his home lead to a big break onto the world stage where Tommy appeared as a guest singer on Phil’s USA tour. This then lead to the singer entering into the music business as a solo artist.


Shortly after securing a record deal everything looked set to flourish when a tragic car accident left the singer with a broken neck leaving his music career on-hold indefinitely. After many months of convalescence, Tommy returned to the stage having had to start over and is now regarded as one of the finest singers worldwide and is currently enjoying a hugely successful career spanning the last 18 years.


Tommy turns each song into his own with his own unique and powerful style touching emotions in you that only music can reach.


A Tommy Fleming concert is a musical experience not to be missed with one song more haunting than the other. He has a universal appeal to all ages and backgrounds with a fan base that is growing stronger worldwide year by year.


Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy the experience of a Tommy Fleming concert.


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