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Tommy Fleming has many times been described as the “Voice of Ireland” and is one of Ireland’s top entertainers

Described as a singer whose voice has the remarkable ability of taking you into his world, Tommy is presently working on his newest album which celebrates a staggering 30 years as one of Ireland’s most successful solo artists ever “All These Years” Here is a little taste of what is to come- “Goodbye my old friend” 



“I think Tommy is the most exciting voice in the area of folk music that I have heard since Luke Kelly, he has got such a big voice, he’s got that great honesty and integrity in his voice.”




Born in 1971 – the youngest of 6, his participation in school concerts and talent competitions in his native County Sligo set the initial “stage” for his endearing performances which always delivered something quite special. With an appeal that resonates with a variety of musical tastes, cultures and age brackets, it was no surprise that Tommy’s truly unique talent would soar far beyond the rural townlands of Aclare and gain both national and worldwide recognition as one of the finest singers of his generation.


Tommy’s earlier years were absorbed with performing, starting with a Rock Band “The face of February.” This ‘schoolboy’ introduction to the local gigging scene progressed to “Jarog” a quartet with a strong and loyal fan base proving popular with both the pub scene and at music festivals across Ireland. A chance encounter with a renowned producer and composer in 1993 saw Tommy practically overnight, leap from west of Ireland charity events to ‘guesting’ with the infamous “Phil Coulter” and his orchestra not only appearing to bigger audiences on the national stage in landmark venues in Cork, Limerick and Dublin but also saw a young Tommy touring USA and Canada, culminating in the ultimate appearances in the Boston Symphony Hall and the legendary Carnegie Hall, New York.


Tommy – always very much his ‘own man’ kept his eye on his ultimate goal – a Solo Career. Following the launch in 1996 of his first solo album “Restless Spirit” he secured a solo recording deal with a well-known Irish independent label.


2008 saw “The Voice of Ireland” return to the USA where he’d previously guested with Phil Coulter and DeDannan, as an accomplished “Solo” artist. The Boston Globe reviewed that “The dynamic voice of Tommy Fleming soared on every song.” with Eric Clapton admitting “His version of Danny Boy is the best I have ever heard bar none.”


One of Tommy Fleming’s finest pieces of recording, featuring incredible vocals not to forget – 25 years of invaluable touring experience and Mike Moran’s magnificent mixing and production abilities – “The West’s Awake”- a 14 track album gained instant recognition and was amongst the best-selling Irish releases in 2014.